Effects of Oil Spills on Humans


There can be a variety of impacts of human health from oil spills, they include indirect and direct contact with the spill.

The main effect include direct exposure to the oil spill. When an oil spill occurs near to where people work and live, people directly come into contact with breathing in the gaseous oil compounds and compounds absorbed by particulate matter (it is dispersed through air).  Another way of directly affecting humans may include exposure to activities related to the contaminated  ground (soil) and through absorption of skin when touching spilled material. This exposure of oil spills to humans can lead to  minor illnesses  to serious conditions, possibly cancer in some instances.

Indirect exposure of oil spills relate to consumption of food and contaminated water, a prime example is the consumption of fish that has been in contact with an oil spill polluted environment.  Since oil components has the ability to bio accumulate in living organisms, the fish absorbs the oil in its body without being capable of excrete it since there may be already high concentrations in the surrounding water. Through the consumption of these fish and other sea food that has been contaminated, humans may be exposed to higher concentrations oil components than in the surrounding environment when compared to ingestion of contaminated water or bathing in polluted water. This can be very detrimental to human life.

When an oil spill occurs it causes long term interruption of activities such as fishing, this directly impacts fishermen as this is their livelihood and only source of income, it also affects business which can be trading among business men and also exportation of seafood  products, which is a negative human and economic impact. It also causes reduction in tourism, and also reduction in the value of property, this applies to properties directly  affected by the oil spill but also all properties in that  demographic circumference that is exposed to this oil spill pollution, and also to those that has the risk of becoming polluted.

For more in depth reading , be sure to check out :http://www.environmentalpollutioncenters.org/oil-spill/humans/.

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