First blog post : Introduction

Hi , My name is Tariq Ali and I am currently a year one Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology student at the University of the West Indies. Since I was old enough understand what the word “marine” meant I instantly acquired a passion for the marine environment. At CAPE level I did Chemistry , Biology and Environmental Science. Environmental Science was  my favourite subject during my two years of CAPE. My  fascination for the environment together with the subjects I did for CAPE leaned me into this direction where dealing with the environment would be my ultimate goal.

Growing up in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, which is situated off the northern edge of the South American mainland lying just eleven kilometres off the coast of  north eastern Venezuela , pollution of the environment in all aspects , may it be air ,water and land pollution has always been an ongoing issue. The Gulf of Paria which would be  one of the main points of interest for my blog is one of the three main water bodies surrounding Trinidad, the other two being the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. My passion for the environment has inspired me to express my concerns on the degradation of marine life, may it be flora and fauna which is vital to man’s existence. I will use this blog as a medium in which I will help sensitize the causes, effects and solutions to others about this ever growing problem.
























































2 thoughts on “First blog post : Introduction

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Tariq. I’m sure what you have to share will make a difference in the world. More importantly, I wish you all the best in your en devour to make the world a better place. Welcome to the club!

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